Identification of Genes and Metabolic Pathways Involved in Resin Yield in Masson Pine by Integrative Analysis of Transcriptome, Proteome and Biochemical Characteristics

Journal Article

Li, Zhengchun., Shen, Luonan., Hou, Qiandong., Zhou, Zijing., Mei, Lina., Zhao, Hong., Wen, Xiaopeng.


<p>Masson pine (Pinus massoniana L.) is one of the most important resin-producing tree species in southern China. However, the molecular regulatory mechanisms of resin yield are still unclear in masson pine. In this study, an integrated analysis of transcriptome, proteome, and biochemical characteristics from needles of masson pine with the high and common resin yield was investigated. The results showed that chlorophyll a (Chl a), chlorophyll b (Chl b), total chlorophyll (Chl C), carotenoids (Car), glucose (Glu), gibberellin A9 (GA9), gibberellin A15 (GA15), and gibberellin A53 (GA53) were significantly increased, whereas fructose (Fru), jasmonic acid (JA), jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine (JA-ILE), gibberellin A1 (GA1), gibberellin A3 (GA3), gibberellin A19 (GA19), and gibberellin A24 (GA24) were significantly decreased in the high resin yield in comparison with those in the common one. The integrated analysis of transcriptome and proteome showed that chlorophyll synthase (chlG), hexokinase (HXK), sucrose synthase (SUS), phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK), dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (PDH), dihydrolipoamide succinyltransferase (DLST), 12-oxophytodienoic acid reductase (OPR), and jasmonate O-methyltransferases (JMT) were consistent at the transcriptomic, proteomic, and biochemical levels. The pathways of carbohydrate metabolism, terpenoid biosynthesis, photosynthesis, and hormone biosynthesis may play crucial roles in the regulation of resin yield, and some key genes involved in these pathways may be candidates that influence the resin yield. These results provide insights into the molecular regulatory mechanisms of resin yield and also provide candidate genes that can be applied for the molecular-assisted selection and breeding of high resin-yielding masson pine.</p>


International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Pinus maussoniana, genética, producción