The Impact of Resin Harvest History on Properties of Scots Pine Wood Tissue

Journal Article

<p>This study was conducted in Central Europe (Poland) in pine forests that were subjected to the process of resin harvesting in the 1970s. Forty trees were designated for the study, which had one or two resin blazes. The objectives of the experiment were to determine the effect of resin tapping on the changes in annual growth, wood density, and mechanical strength of wood in the damaged trees. Resin tapping affected the development dynamics, especially in trees with a single resin blaze. In addition, bark cutting affected wood density over the cross-section. However, no significant variation was found in terms of the mechanical properties of wood, which may support the theory of adaptive tree growth and optimization of tree’s structure to its functions.</p>



Palabras clave

Scots pine; Resin tapping; Adaptive tree growth; Annual growth; Early wood; Wood density;Wood strength


Polonia, Pinus sylvestris, madera, anatomía